186 in tokyo tortoise186 in tokyo tortoise


187 in black tortoise187 in black tortoise


201 in traditional tort201 in traditional tort


Amber in green / blackAmber in green / black
Ando in shiny goldAndo in shiny gold
Ando with Inserts in matte gold / blackAndo with Inserts in matte gold / black
Angelica Sun in silver / gun screwsAngelica Sun in silver / gun screws
Ann Sun in tortoise / jadeAnn Sun in tortoise / jade
Apache XL in gunmetalApache XL in gunmetal
Arista XL Sun in blue tortoise / orangeArista XL Sun in blue tortoise / orange
Baker Sun in matte gold / blackBaker Sun in matte gold / black
Bea in green crystalBea in green crystal


Ben in black matteBen in black matte


Benny Sun in crystalBenny Sun in crystal
Brad in light blue / amberBrad in light blue / amber
Brando in blackBrando in black
Brando Sun in blue / navyBrando Sun in blue / navy
Charlize in peach / mintCharlize in peach / mint
Chromoclear Ben in tortoiseChromoclear Ben in tortoise
Chromoclear Benny in smoke crystalChromoclear Benny in smoke crystal
Chromoclear Focus Ben in tortoiseChromoclear Focus Ben in tortoise
Chromoclear Focus Benny in tortoiseChromoclear Focus Benny in tortoise
Chromoclear Focus Oberlin in tortoiseChromoclear Focus Oberlin in tortoise
Chromoclear Invigorate Ben in blue crystalChromoclear Invigorate Ben in blue crystal

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