The Expressionists






An ongoing series celebrating individualism amplified. This is Morgenthal Frederics



An ongoing series celebrating individualism amplified. This is Morgenthal Frederics.



DEE + Ricky

Dee & Ricky continue to transform fashion not only through their eponymous line but also how they embrace life in general. As twin siblings from New York, they shape views of the world via their collective nostalgia while also deeply attuned to their cosmic differences. Dee, who is passionate about energy and sources of connectivity, feels that “colors are a main source of energetic, playful expression.” Ricky, who is driven by a “sense of subtleness and a corky spin,” relishes in grounding inspirations. Together, Dee & Ricky pop like yin and yang.


Linda Rodin

We asked the entrepreneur, style icon and dog lover what form of personal expression best shapes the way the world sees her and how she sees the world. “I would say first impressions can say a lot about you, but are not always who we are. The way we look and the way we dress can define us on some small level only. What really matters is what is on the inside of who you are as a person and what your inner workings are that defines us all.


James Whiteside

As a ballet dancer, choreographer, model, drag queen and recording artist, James B. Whiteside lives by the ethos of “be everything, do everything.” He is currently a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre and brings a sense of playfulness to classical ballet. Always one to push boundaries, James also performs under the stage names bDubs, pop-dance artist and Ühu Betch as part of the hilarious drag posse The Dairy Queens.


Friday Jones

Tattoo artist Friday Jones is no stranger to forging her own creative path — pushing art and individualism like a true Expressionist. With an emphasis on symbolism and spirituality, she works closely with each client to create custom pieces imbued with depth, meaning and beauty. When not tattooing Oscar and Grammy winners, Friday turns her attention to breast cancer survivors. She has partnered with non-profit and the country’s top plastic surgeons to provide post-operative tattoos that bring healing in the way only art can.


Mick Rock

Legendary rock photographer Mick Rock is rarely seen without his signature dark shades, so naturally we were drawn to partner with ‘The Man Who Shot the Seventies’. Known for his iconic images of legends; David Bowie, Syd Barrett, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Queen, the Sex Pistols, The Ramones and Blondie to name a few. He has not stopped shooting and has published a series of books on his subjects past and present. “In my early days I certainly related directly to a lot of my subjects. They reminded me of the revolutionary poets of my favorite studies, especially the English Romantics, the French Symbolists and the American Beats. We were all children of our times.” - Mick Rock


Warren Elgort

Film Director and photographer Warren Elgort has always been one to share his unique vision with timeless visuals and emotive storytelling. His perspective is incredibly thoughtful and patient. “I always liked the fishing metaphor for life since I enjoy it so much. That goes for tennis too. Both are lifelong sports that teach you all sorts of things.”


Ashley Meyers

“Go into things for the right reasons and trust that the rest will follow.” Sage advice for the times from Ashley Meyers. The multi-hyphenate creative entrepreneur has adapted to the changing times by focusing on expressing herself in the virtual world through her online vintage boutique Scarlett Willow Shop. “I get to create my own little whimsical world visually and invite people in. It reflects my own personal aesthetic and holds a glimpse into my day dreams.”


Dean Dempsey

When we asked multi-format visual artist, Dean Dempsey, what makes him feel like the most authentic version of himself, he responded as a true expressionist: “Honesty and how we treat other people is our most valuable currency. I never confuse ego with confidence—one will destroy you, the other refines you. I check myself on that everyday.”