The Art Of Opticianry



The Art

Of Opticianry


We believe selecting frames that best amplify one’s individuality is an art and fitting them with precision is a craft. With unparalleled expertise, Morgenthal Frederics provides a one-of-a kind optical experience deeply personalized, by design.


Our customer care team is available seven days a week.

E:   |   P: +1 (800) 899-1060





Our customer care team is available seven days a week.


P: +1 (800) 899-1060



Personal Styling

Knowing true style is inherently personal, our expert opticians help guide you to expressions that best amplify your unique self. Explore the finest collection of specialty materials, timeless designs and handcrafted frames anywhere in the world.

Precision Optics

Far from one size fits all, your vision is unique and nuanced. Our expert craft is finding your precise measurements and executing flawlessly. As your eyes demand the highest-quality products and care, you can rely on our opticians to be your greatest advocate.

Perfect Fit

Properly fitting glasses are essential for health and wellness. With hands-on adjustments and technical precision, our opticians provide the best in tailor-fit service. The result: unbelievable comfort and effortless vision that can elevate the very way you see the world.



Book An Appointment With An Optician




Book An Appointment

With An Optician



All in-person visits follow the highest standards for your safety and comfort.

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